Being in the right place…Timing is Everything!

While I’m new at photography there’s definitely one shot I can say was only captured because I was, “In the right place, at the right time.”

This summer I took a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas aboard the Norwegian Gem. As we entered Nassau the weather as dreary and we were plagued with intermittent heavy rain showers. This definitely was weather that I typically would have probably put my camera away for fear of getting it wet. Then I saw it – the sun peaking thru the clouds! I decided to go for it and begin snapping away – after reviewing all the shots I found one that I found near perfect to me – the sun peaked itself thru the clouds and cast itself just behind the lighthouse! Gold!

To think, had I just given up, gone to the buffet and had another round of cruise food (Does the food ever really stop?) this photo may have never been taken.

This photo actually now hangs on my living room wall for all to see.

If I’ve learned one thing in my brief time photographing scenery it’s to never lose faith in capturing the perfect shot!

Click to view full sized imagePhotographed entering port in Nassau, Bahamas aboard the Norwegian Gem. The building center is Atlantis Hotel (Photographed August, 2017)

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