“The World Through My Lens”

The World Through my Lens…It started as just something I wrote on a piece of paper…It progressed to become an Instagram and this web blog.

If I asked you details about the bridge you just passed, the building you life next to, or even the street you live on – would you be able to tell me them? Every day we walk around – typically with our heads down and moving quickly – rarely taking in the world around us.

Well, insert me – the person who will show you the world around you and make you aware of all you’re missing. Whether it’s in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or on vacation with my camera on my side you won’t miss a thing! Plus, with each photograph you’ll get a brief history and probably some fun facts you had no idea about.

So let’s grab our camera bag, set up the tripod, and get shooting! You’re coming along on an adventure and it starts…NOW!

Oh and here’s the best part! If you click on a photo – It will show you the exact settings I was using on my camera to take it!