Some Helpful Photography Resources

So as I type this website I’m reminded of all the great resources I’ve used over the past few years to teach myself digital photography. Here’s a short list of some of the things I’ve used to help me learn digital photogaphy

The First Photo I Ever Took With a DSLR Camera
One of my Favorite Shots I’ve Taken – Something About the Sun’s Rays Coming Through the Buildings of Midtown Manhattan is Magical!

Photography Books I’ve Read:

-Northrup – Stunning Digital Photography

-Scott Kelby- The Digital Photography Book

-Mastering the Nikon D750

-Nikon D5600 For Dummies (My Previous Camera)

Digital Photography For Dummies

YouTube Videos I’ve Used / Recommend:

-Northrup – Using the D750

-Northrup Photography Tips (Multiple Videos)

Facebook Groups / Web Resources:

My advice when it comes to Facebook resources is search for any Photography group that people post settings on, look at their photos and attempt to “mimic” what they shoot. The beauty of digital…if you mess up – you can always delete it and start over!

I personally am a member of multiple “Intro to Photography” groups, you can never learn enough and it always helps to be able to get constructive criticism from others.

Stores I Recommend

Personally, I’d advise against buying Camera or Video equipment on You never know what you’re getting and the last thing you need is a camera that can’t be warrantied in your home state.

If you’re in / around New York City I recommend Bergen County Camera in Closter, New Jersey. While I love B&H in New York City, there is something about a small town photography store that provides better customer service in my opinion.