The Man Behind The Lens

About Me

Jeremy Griffel, a full time Paramedic and amateur photographer, utilizes photography as both a relaxation method and a hobby. He finds it extremely soothing and relaxing to go out and find things the naked eye will usually miss – or attribute to ‘just being there’. His vision is to show others the amazing things in the world around us that we may miss during our daily lives.

Equipped with his Nikon D750 DSLR on his back (or side), a GoPro Hero 8 in his arm, and his own two eyes he’s out to photograph the world! Yes, the world! While Jeremy calls Downstate New York home, it isn’t uncommon for him to jump in his truck and go for a ride to capture a beautiful scene.

Whether it’s a building we walk past every day or a majestic looking sunrise/sunset it’s important to capture and take in every moment of every day. Jeremy enjoys exploring both the city and suburban sites and photographing even the most simplest of things to capture the moment.

So, whether you follow him here on, on Instagram (@JGriffelPhoto), or on Facebook(@JGriffelPhoto) you’re in for a treat whenever you look!

12 Fun Facts About Me

1. I work as a Paramedic Full Time, I’ve been riding / volunteering on an ambulance since I was 15 years old and wouldn’t have it any other way!

2. Besides being a Paramedic (Not an Ambulance Driver…) – I’m also a CPR Instructor and run my own business called CPR By Jeremy – I’ve been teaching for over ten years at this point.

3. I got involved in photography as a way to relax and capture the beauty of the world around us.

4. My first camera I ever owned was a Fisher Price 110 Camera (when I was a kid) – if only I still had that thing (Random Fact – there’s one that’s $9.00 on eBay…totally debating buying it as I type this), I wonder how it would compare to my Nikon D750 (I’m kidding…Maybe)

5. While I love shooting in color there is something about Black and White photography that just feels right. If you look at a photograph taken in color and then one in black and white they tell completely different stories.

6. Besides photography another hobby of mine is Patch Collecting. I currently have between 400 and 450 Emergency Service patches from around the world in my collection.

7. I enjoy working out, in fact – working out has helped me loose almost half the body weight I had at one time (that and following WeightWatchers). I’d say my favorite two workout types are either an OrangeTheory workout or my Peloton Bike.

8. My favorite vacation spot I’ve ever been to by far would have to be Italy – it was such a beautiful country to visit and explore!

9. My favorite TV Shows are: Tacoma FD, Impractical Jokers, and The Office (even though it’s only on reruns)

10. My favorite Food is a toss up between tacos and anything barbecued (Hamburgers and Steak especially – I love to grill)

11. My favorite genre of Music is definitely Country. My car stereo is ALWAYS tuned to either 94.7FM here in New York or XM Radio “The Highway”

12. My favorite place to Photograph in New York is the Tarrytown Lighthouse / Kingsland Point Lighthouse / Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse – It’s such a great view and so full of history