Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s got you to start taking pictures?

I’ve always found photography interesting. When I was a kid I had a  Fisher Price 110 Camera, truly would love to get one today and compare the way it takes photos to the photos on my current DSLR. After that camera I owned quite a few point and shoot digital cameras and thought it was awesome when I had a phone that had a camera on it. Flash forward to the start of Instagram and I began posting photos more and more online for people to see. However, when I realized how calming I found taking photos and such I decided to grab a DSLR and start shooting.

Question: How Did You Learn Photography and Digital Editing?

I learned by making mistakes. That’s the best way to word it – for every mistake I’ve made I learned something not to do. While yes, I’ve watched tons of videos on YouTube, read books, and made attempts to copy settings and things I’ve seen others do the best way to learn is to try and make a mistake. One of the first YouTube videos I watched said it best – shoot, and if you don’t like what you got just delete it and try again!

Question: Can I post your image on my website / Facebook Page?

The short answer is yes, you may repost my images as long as it is not being used in any for-profit basis. All images must show photo credit to Jeremy Griffel Photography and link to and/or Instagram @JGriffelPhoto.

However, anyone wishing to utilize any image on this website, my Instagram, Facebook Page, or any other publication produced by or with permission of Jeremy Griffel Photography in any matter that could cause a profit to be made must gain written consent from Jeremy Griffel Photography. This includes but is not limited to the profit being gained through sale of the photograph itself, advertising of a product for which the image is being utilized, or use of the photograph in a print or electronic item that is for sale. To gain permission to utilize the image please send an email with your intention to

Question: What Is Your Favorite Place To Photograph?

My goal is to eventually be able to post on here, my Instagram, and Facebook page at least 6 to 7 times a week. While I can’t guarantee a day won’t get skipped here or there for the most part you should see an update every day on here and social media.

Question: What Is Your Favorite Place To Photograph?

I’d have to say my favorite places to shoot are:

  • Tarrytown Lighthouse/Kingsland Point Lighthouse (Tarrytown, NY)
  • The Little Red Lighthouse (Under the George Washington Bridge)
  • Ross Dock Picnic Area and Fort Lee Historic Park (Fort Lee, NJ)
  • Bear Mountain State Park (Stony Point, NY)
  • Rockland Lake State Park (Congers, NY)
  • Nyack Beach State Park (Nyack, NY)
  • Anywhere in Manhattan (Too many buildings to list)

I truly can’t list everywhere I love going to shoot but trust me, the list can continue even more!

Question: Are your photograph prints for sale?

Yes, every image I take is for sale. Feel free to reach out to me via email at and let me know which image you’re interested in purchasing.

Current Image Pricing (Including Shipping / Handling):

Image SizePrice (Including Shipping)
8 x 10$15.00
11 x 14$20.00
16 x 20$40.00
Any Larger / Smaller SizeContact Me Via E-mail