“Your First Task…Freeze Water”

A coworker helped me learn how to utilize my DSLR when I first got it. There definitely is a learning curve between my iPhone and a Nikon D5600 and it took a bit of her instruction, YouTube, and reading to fully understand the basics of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I will say, I’m very fortunate there is no buying film for DSLR and you can click delete quite easily any pictures that aren’t perfect.

Once I started grasping what to do I was given a task, my first photo task – freeze water! At first I didn’t understand what she meant exactly but after some experimenting (and research) it made sense – speed up the shutter so that it would move quick enough taking the photo that in that moment of time water appears to have stopped moving and water droplets themselves are visible to the eye.

Here’s a look back (not so far back) to my first shot I ever took to accomplish this.

Click To View Full Sized PhotoPhotograph taken in front of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan (June, 2017)

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