Mobile Stroke Ambulance…A Hospital on Wheels

Run by the New York Presbyterian Hospital, this Ambulance is a one stop shop for someone who may be having a stroke. The MSTU (Mobile Stroke Transport Unit) is one of NYC’s elite EMS units – operating in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn these units respond and provide life saving treatment to people who are in the midst of having a stroke!

As one of only a select few regions in the country operating stroke ambulances, this vehicle is equipped with a CT-Scanner, Telemedicine, and the ability to give tPa (a medication that helps to break down the clots that cause a stroke).

Staffed by two NYC REMSCO / NYS Paramedics, one Nurse, and one CT-Tech. The crew responds to stroke call assignments and based on a clinical evaluation and consultation with an MD the crew will decide what course of action is best for their patient.

According to NY Presbytarian Hospital’s website, “The MSTU is complete with a portable CT scanner that can image a patient’s brain on the spot to determine the type of stroke the person may be having. The CT scan is then wirelessly transmitted to NewYork-Presbyterian, where a neuroradiologist evaluates it in real-time to make an accurate diagnosis.” After the evaluation it may be determined that tPa would be the best treatment for this patient. However, On occasion, the on-board CT scanner will demonstrate intracranial hemorrhage, which cannot be treated with tPA. In these instances, the MSTU can benefit the patient by offering earlier neurological consultation and advanced blood pressure management with intravenous medications with the aim of stopping the bleeding. Additionally, such information can be used, with approval of FDNY online medical control, to triage a patient to the closest hospital with the necessary neurosurgical team required to treat intracranial hemorrhages.” (NY Presbyterian Hospital Website)

With so much technology on board NY Presbyterian is one of only a handful of hospitals capable of this life saving technology. While it may seem like a lot for prehospital – when seconds count this is the crew you wish to see!

As EMS Week comes to a close I’d like to salute all our Nation’s EMTs, Paramedics, and of course “Ambulance Drivers”

Stay safe!

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