Take a Ride on the Tram

The Roosevelt Island Tramway, first opened in 1976, has carried over 26 million passengers to and from Roosevelt Island during its 44 years flying over our city so far.

Since the only way onto the Island by car is from Queens prior to the trams existence and the addition of a NYC Subway Stop, Roosevelt Island was accessed by a trolley line that crossed over the Queensboro Bridge.

Trolleys traveling to and from Queens would stop at the middle of the bridge to meet an elevator that would then take passengers down to the island. Trolley service to the island ended in on April 7, 1957. Back in that era most of the people traveling back and forth were commuters going to the hospitals on the Island.

But what’s so special about Roosevelt Island? Well – it’s a large city park and is full of residences. Whats even more interesting is it’s one of the few spots in NYC you can’t bring a car (unless you’re a resident) – this is to help preserve the beauty of the Island!

So, hop on the tram and take a ride – they run every 7 minutes!

Photo Information:
Camera Utilized: Nikon D750
Lens Used: 150-600mm Tamron Lens
ISO: 100
Location of Shoot: Roosevelt Island Tram Stop

Photographer: @JGriffelPhoto

Posted on Instagram and Facebook at @JGriffelPhoto and online at JeremyTakesPhotos.com

Full size images available via email to JGriffelPhotoblog@gmail.com or on JeremyTakesPhotos.com

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