A City That Loves The Front Line

A sign to our First Responders & Healthcare Workers at E 102nd St on the FDR Drive
El Barrio Loves You – Appearing in front of Metropolitan Hospital Harlem
A wider shot shows El Barrio Loves You in front of Metropolitan Hospital

El Barrio means Neighborhood – and boy is this place ever one big “El Barrio” in South Harlem… The outpouring of love for first responders and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis is second to none. Whether signs being held up on an overpass, banners hanging outside a local emergency room, or simply the 7pm cheer for everyone whose out there helping others. We appreciate everyone on the front lines of COVID-19 and are so grateful to have them out here helping us!

The first sign, “Thank you to First Responders” appears on the walking bridge to Randall’s Island at E 102nd St and the FDR Drive. The second, a beautiful hand made banner waves proudly on the corner of 96th and 2nd in front of Metropolitan Hospital…and it is definitely true, “El Barrio Loves You!”

Check these signs out the next time you’re in town…and remember to thank a first responders / front line healthcare worker…they’re out here saving others from what is pretty much the unknown!

To all the healthcare workers and first responders reading this…Stay Safe!

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Photo Information:
Camera Utilized: Nikon D750
Lens Used: 24-120mm
Location of Shoot: Harlem “El Barrio” NYC
Photographer: @JGriffelPhoto
Posted on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress @JGriffelPhoto
Full size images available via email to JGriffelPhotoblog@gmail.com or on JeremyTakesPhotos.com
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One thought

  1. It’s not only a gentle support to the workers but also truly artsy 🙂 thanks for sharing! stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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