The Hell Gate Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline

So this isn’t the first time I’ve photographed this beauty, but it is the first time I have from this angle.

The Hell Gate Bridge is a train vessel that connects the Bronx to Queens. Typically used by commercial freight railway, however, at Amtrak will utilize it for their trains that operate on the Northeast Corridor.

But many ask – why the name? The name “Hell Gate” is a corruption of the Dutch phrase Hellegat (it first appeared on a Dutch map as Helle Gadt), which could mean either “bright strait” or “clear opening”, and it was originally applied to the entirety of the East River. Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, the first European known to have navigated the strait, described it in his journals during his 1614 voyage aboard the Onrust. Hellegat is a fairly common name for waterways in the Low Countries, with at least 20 examples.Because explorers found navigation hazardous in this New World place of rocks and converging tide-driven currents (from the Long Island Sound, Harlem River strait, Upper Bay of New York Harbor, and lesser channels, some of which have been filled), the Anglicization stuck.

So the next time you travel over the RFK (Triboro Bridge) look to your left (or right depending which way you’re going) and you’ll see for yourself the span of Hell Gate.

Photo Information:

Camera Utilized: Nikon D750

Lens Used: 150-600mm Tameron

Zoom: 600mm

ISO: 100

Location of Shoot: Bronx, NY

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One thought

  1. How I miss New York Jeremy… I went there 2 years ago and had such a lovely time, 2 weeks discovering every neighborhood, crossing bridges, walking in Central Park, watching concerts… Can’t wait to return 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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