Coffee In The Morning

Nothing beats starting your day a fresh latte from @artcafenyack – Did you know that Coffee and milk have been part of European cuisine since the 17th century but didn’t become popular here till decades later! It’s true! Beginning in the 17th Century European cuisine began to consist of terms such as “Caffè latte”, “Milchkaffee”, “café au lait” and “café con leche” all terms that translates to one thing – coffee, usually drank as part of breakfast in the home. However, Public cafés in Europe and the US it seems have no mention of the terms until the 20th century, although Kapuziner is mentioned in Austrian coffee houses in Vienna and Trieste in the 2nd half of 1700s as “coffee with cream, spices and sugar” (being the origin of the Italian cappuccino).

In Italy, caffè latte is almost always prepared at home, for breakfast only. The coffee is brewed with a stovetop Moka pot and poured into a cup containing heated milk. (Unlike the ‘international’ latte drink, the milk in the Italian original is generally not foamed, and sugar is added by the drinker, if any is used at all.)

Outside Italy, a caffè latte is typically prepared in a 240 mL (8 US fl oz) glass or cup with one standard shot of espresso (either single, 30 mL or 1 US fl oz, or double, 60 mL or 2 US fl oz) and filled with steamed milk, with a layer of foamed milk approximately 12 mm (1⁄2 in) thick on the top. In the US, a latte is often heavily sweetened, with 3% or even more sugar.

The drink is related to a cappuccino, the difference being that a cappuccino consists of espresso and steamed milk with a 20 millimetres (0.79 in) thick layer of milk foam.

Did you know a caffe in California claims to have began the latte movement here in the US? The Caffe Mediterraneum in Berkeley, California claims Lino Meiorin, one of its early owners, “invented” and “made the latte a standard drink” in the 1950s.The latte was popularized in Seattle, Washington in the early 1980s and spread more widely in the early 1990s.





Camera Utilized: Nikon D750

Lens Used: 24-120mm

Zoom: 24mm

Shutter Speed: 1/40

Aperture: f/4

ISO: 1250

Date of Capture: 7/29/2018

Location of Shoot: Art Cafe Nyack, NY

Photographer: @JGriffelPhoto


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