A Day at Bellevue

Bellevue Medical Center – NYC: Located on First Avenue in Manhattan and currently handling nearly 460,000 non-ER outpatient clinical visits, nearly 106,000 ER visits, and over 30,000 in patient admissions each year, Bellevue Hospital is ranked among the top 50 busiest medical centers in New York State. However, the history of this hospital goes far beyond just the current buildings you see today. Bellevue is the oldest public hospital in the United States. The hospital itself can be traced back as far as the year 1736 when a small two-story brick building existed on the grounds that is now City Hall. It wasn’t until 1798 that the city purchased Belle Vue farm, several miles north or what was at the time the settled city, in an area that was mostly used to quarantine the sick during a series of yellow fever outbreaks in that era. However, it wasn’t until 1824 that the hospital officially was opened and named Bellevue Medical Center. The history doesn’t stop there – Bellevue was home to the first medical college in New York to have connections with a medical center -Bellevue Hospital Medical College opened in 1861 and just a few years later, in 1873, the first nursing school based on Florence Nightingale’s principals opened at Bellevue. Bellevue had the first emergency pavilion in our nation, which opened in 1876 and first children clinic in the nation which opened in 1874. This hospital is full of firsts! Possibly the most popular thing it’s known for however is psychiatric medicine – Since it held the first pavilion for “the insane” an approach that at the time was revolutionary at it’s opening in 1879 “Bellevue” became a known name for psychiatric medicine. The list goes on and on of “firsts” for Bellevue including the first municipal ambulance service beginning operations in 1869. To this day, EMS continues to run out of Bellevue Hospital – now run by FDNY as EMS Station 8 the station holds true to its roots of being part of the first municipal EMS Station.

Did you know there is even a school inside Bellevue Hospital? It’s true! Located near the current day Emergency Room, PS 106 is the first public school for emotionally disturbed children located within a public hospital.


Camera Utilized: Nikon D750

Lens Used: 24-120mm

Zoom: 30mm

Shutter Speed: 1/100

Aperture: f/6.3

ISO: 125

Date of Capture: 7/24/2018

Location of Shoot: Bellevue Hospital Grounds

Photographer: @JGriffelPhoto


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