The Triborough / RFK Bridge

Connecting Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens the RFK/Triborough Bridge is a majestic sight within the Five Boros. Opening in July, 1936 the RFK Bridge complex actually consists of three individual bridges:

  • The Harlem River Vertical-Lift Bridge: Connecting Manhattan to Randall’s Island
  • The Bronx Kill Truss Bridge: Connecting Randall’s Island and the Bronx
  • The Suspension Bridge Over Hell Gate: Connecting Wards Island to Queens

The bridge can be said to be a marvel of its time. In fact, according to Wikipedia the bridge cost over $60million dollars (the equivalent to $1.058 billion in 2017) to construct making it one of the largest construction projects of the Great Depression.

A by-product of the Triborough project was the creation of parks and playgrounds in the lands underneath the bridges and approaches on Wards and Randalls Island.

Photographed below is one of these parks and a part of the main truss of the Triborough Suspension Bridge Over Hell Gate.

Photographed 2/2018 a NYS Bridge & Tunnels TBTA Patrol Car Travels Thru Randall’s Island Park by the RFK Bridge

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